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* We honor those who have fought against prejudice.                               * We seek to reveal the effects of intolerance.


* We encourage action against bigotry.                                                       * We welcome others to join our efforts.

Monrovia ChangeMakers is an educational association which advocates for equity, equality and mutual respect, addressing racism, bigotry and intolerance wherever it exists. Our objectives are to acknowledge and honor those who lived under, and fought against racism, segregation and intolerance, create open dialogues to focus on ways to build trust and heal the wounds from the past, encourage participation from the community, and be a catalyst for change. 


We seek to honor those who have fought bigotry, prejudice and segregation in our community. We hope in doing so to reveal the effects of intolerance on its victims, encourage positive action against bigotry and have an affirmative impact on our increasingly diverse community. We believe that all forms of intolerance are wrong, whether experienced because of a difference of skin color, ethnicity, gender, intellectual or physical abilities, religious or political beliefs. Our aim is to promote the treatment of all people as individuals. Monrovia’s past is blemished by old stains of segregation, racial and religious discrimination and civic hostility. But, that troubled past was overcome, and today’s welcoming community was created through the persistent work of generations of individuals and organizations ~Monrovians working together, dedicated to positive change. These are the people we honor, Monrovia’s Champions of Justice. By telling their stories to new generations of Monrovians, we hope to continue their work ~ to keep intolerance and bigotry at bay and to inspire others to take up the torch wherever and whenever the need might arise.


We invite you to learn more about Monrovia’s ChangeMakers and the community they helped create.


Telling Their Stories

Through publications such as Monrovia’s ChangeMakers: Combating Bigotry and Segregation, and taped and videoed oral histories, we are chronicling and memorializing the inspiring lives of the people who created the community we know today.

ChangeMakers facilitates and sponsors educational events, panel discussions and exhibits to encourage continued dialogue and awareness.

In addition, we offer programs to local schools, clubs and organizations, exploring Monrovia’s fascinating history and inspiring new involvement and new commitment. ChangeMakers is a grassroots organization of Monrovia residents and business people who donate their time and talents to memorializing and furthering the proud legacy of their forbearers. You can be part of that effort. We welcome members from all parts of our community, all walks of life, all ages….

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Learn how you, too, can become a Monrovia ChangeMaker!



ChangeMakers is an educational association focused on respect, harmony and cooperation among Monrovians to:

1.    Honor those who have worked to stop bigotry, prejudice and segregation

2.    Reveal the effect on the victims of intolerance

3.    Encourage positive action against bigotry

4.    Focus on our own community and have a broader impact.


The issues we seek to eliminate from relationships are lack of understanding and looking down on the ‘other’ - any group that is different and thus seems to be a threat or opponent.  Bigotry and segregation are equally wrong, whether experienced because of a difference in skin color, ethnicity, gender, intellectual or physical ability, religious or political belief.  The aim is to promote the treatment of people as individuals.

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